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CiSoft Solutions Opportunity

Leverage the successes of the first decade of the CiSoft (Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies) partnership between Chevron and USC to frame and implement an updated model and partnership protocols.  The updated model will maximize the value of business impact and intellectual property generated to date, via commercialization and deployment strategy.  The realities of the current period of cost management are recognized, but there is an opportunity to pursue stronger value creation through deployment and support competencies of new partners.


Key Deliverables

Prioritize targeted technologies/IP/operational processes
Commercialization process framework
Methodology for approaching and selecting third parties, with the initial focus being successful commercialization evaluation
Deployment process to follow-up successful commercialization “at scale”


Implementation Process

Finalize Project Categorization, in priority order:
Initial projects for Oil & Gas
Prioritized projects applicable for Non Oil & Gas
Project pipeline for long-term planning & deployment



CiSoft (
USC Steven’s Center for Innovation (
Chevron, U.S.A. (